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Hi there! My name is Eli and I would love to share with you my knowledge and passion about nutrition!

I learned the value of a healthy lifestyle the hard way: Up until my late teenage years I’ve always been overweight which made me feel very insecure. It was a happy coincidence that I started learning about nutrition. When I tried a more holistic approach and changed my relationship with food, my appearance and well-being also started to change. Gradually, I learned to love natural, good quality food, became physically active, and started to really appreciate my health. Inspired by my own transformation, it became my dream to be able to help others as well. Thanks to the CSNN program, I gained specific knowledge about the bits and pieces I had stumbled upon during my own journey with food, and of all the ways the right diet helps you control your health challenges and even prevent disease. As a certified holistic nutritionist, I’d love to help you and guide you throughout your own journey towards a healthier life with enhanced well-being.

Together we can do this!

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Living with an autoimmune condition might be overwhelming and very challenging. Finding support by a team of health experts is essential for achieving long-lasting improvement to your health and quality of life.
As a part of your practitioners team my role is to support you through nutrition and lifestyle changes, at a pace that's right for you. I will walk along with you in your healing journey, will teach you the science behind the AIP protocol, the process to follow and implement.
You will have the support by an AIP Certified Coach whose mission is to help you get better, who will listen to you and respect your challenges along the way.
On this journey, our primary goal is to calm your immune system by removing key culprits for fatigue and inflammation and build a nutrient-dense, personalized food and lifestyle program for your unique situation.

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The Weight loss Nutrition Plan will help you lose weight in a sustainable way without heavy restrictions. You will be able to eat foods that you like without feeling guilty, and at the same time you will learn how to incorporate more natural, good-quality foods in your diet. You will learn how to be more mindful about your eating, how to love real, nourishing food and create better habits that will positively affect your life. I will help you find internal motivation that sets you up for long term success.

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Everything we put in our bodies (food and thoughts alike) has a profound impact on our health.
Adopting a healthier lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult or overwhelming. Let me help you with the knowledge you need to take control of your well-being and reach your goals.

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