NO EXCUSES meal plan

You want to be more healthy, have more energy, loose that extra weight, sleep better...feel better?

This meal plan will help you achieve all that and more. You will fall in love with good natural food again and establish new good habits. I am strongly convinced that simplicity is a key to succesfully maintaining healthy eating habits and lifestyle.

One of the biggest problems I see nowadays is how many people develop an addiction to processed foods with their additives, taste enhancers, hidden sources of sugar etc. It brakes my heart to see when people simply cannot enjoy the taste of real foods and therefore refuse to eat them, or need to always “add something extra” to feel satisfied. It breaks my heart that a sweet and juicy apple would not satisfy ones’ cravings for sweets, and instead most of us would reach for the cookies or candies on the shelf.

And real, natural, basic food can indeed be very tasty! All you need to do is give it a try and be a little bit patient until you retrain your taste buds. Yes, you can do that! Once you start eating real foods, you will feel so much better, I promise you! You will be nourishing your body with the nutrients it needs and thus you will get easily satisfied and full. You will certainly start appreciating more your health and body, which is a key to a better life!

About the Meal Plan:

  • The recipes in the meal plan are very easy to make. You won’t be spending hours in the kitchen.
  • You get a 45 pages PDF file with 32 recipes; you also get many options to make a different recipe with the same products or to choose alternative products and adjust the recipe to your own preferences + you also get recipes for easy sweet treats.
  • The meal plan contains 1800 calories a day, devided into 3 main meals and 3 snacks. If you need to consume more calories, there are tips how you can do that.
  • You also get tips on how to choose and prepare certain foods.
  • The products in the meal plan are basic kitchen essentials every household should have. You don’t have to buy any fancy trendy products. I’ve provided a list with all the ingredients used in the recipes.
  • You don’t need to worry about portion size. Portions are big! In fact, with this meal plan you get to eat a lot. I have implemented plenty of vegetables in the recipes which will keep you full and lean at the same time.


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