Lose weight and develop intuitive-eating habits

The Weight Management Nutrition Plan will help you lose weight in a sustainable way without heavy restrictions. You will be able to eat foods that you like without feeling guilty, and at the same time you will learn how to incorporate more natural, good-quality foods in your diet. You will learn how to be more mindful about your eating, how to love real, nourishing food and create better habits that will positively affect your life. I will help you find internal motivation that sets you up for long term success.

This plan includes:

  • Free 30-min initial consultation
  • Online consultation (60 minutes). During this consultation we will review the Life-style and Nutritional assessments forms and food log (all 3 forms will be provided after the 30-min free call and should be filled out by you and submitted prior to your main consultation), and will discuss all of your nutrition preferences
  • One follow-up consultation (30 minutes), 5 weeks after initial consultation
  • Calculation of your optimal weight range
  • Development of a comprehensive weight-loss-targeted 14-days nutritional plan with recipes based on individual needs, with daily calorie goals and macronutrient targets
  • Information about nutrients substitutions and meal preparation
  • 5-weeks progress tracking. Prior to starting the plan, I will ask you to measure yourself (will be explained how to do that) and take pictures of yourself (which you can share with me so I can analyse the progress, or you can keep them for your personal overview)
  • Continued Email support and encouragement throughout the duration of your program, where I will answer all your questions and concerns
  • 10 weeks Email support every 2 weeks after the end of the 5-weeks plan
  • Recommendations for life-style modifications
  • Supplementation recommendations (if required)
  • Accountability and my personal commitment to your well-being and success



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